How to transfer a domain from Namecheap to Hostever

Before initiating the transfer, make sure that the following applies to the domain:

  • The domain is more than 60 days old;
  • The domain was not transferred between registrars within the last 60 days;
  • The domain is “Unlocked” for transfer (“Registrar Lock” is disabled).

You can disable Registrar Lock and get the Auth code for your domain in the following way:

  • Sign in to your Namecheap account;
  • Go to Domain List and click Manage next to the domain you want to transfer out:

  • Go to the Sharing & Transfer tab:

  • In the Transfer Out section you would be able to unlock the domain as well as get its Auth Code (the code will be sent to the Registrant email address):

Please note that the Registrant email address is assigned to your domain and is not necessarily the same as your account email address.

Now, login your hostever account and go to domain transfer option.

Enter your domain name and Authorization Code (you already got from Namecheap)
And complete your order.

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